MyBiz Day Expo

The My Biz Day Mini Expo – A Blast in the Bay of Blessing

The IBhayi Small Business Chamber held it’s first ever My Biz Day Mini Expo at the B & E Conference Centre in Kempston Road, Port Elizabeth on Thursday, 10 October.  Special thanks must go to Melissa, Tash and the staff of B & E Conference Centre for hosting us for the morning, and for all the hard work they put in.

From humble beginnings, less than a year ago, the IBhayi Small Business Chamber is gaining traction as the big voice for small businesses in the bay.  Sponsors, members and affiliates of the chamber gathered to showcase their goods and services and to network with similar minded entrepreneurs in our city. 

With the backing of the SBI – Small Business Institute, who sent a small delegation of South Africa’s top business entrepreneurs as guest speakers, bay business owners learned about the benefits of marketing their businesses appropriately in this day and age, as well as the importance of everyone in business to be associated with the likes of the SBI and IBhayi Small Business Chamber in order to gain competitive advantage in the volatile marketplace of South Africa.

The actual Expo was a huge hit, exhibitors and guests mingled and networked, and everyone had the opportunity to see what products and services others had to offer.  I am sure that some sound business relationships were formed during the course of the morning. The enthusiasm displayed by some of the exhibitors was quite tangible!

After the Expo there was a first prize offered by Dynamic Print Worx for the best exhibitor (won by Asha Ranchod of Sparkle Gifts), and several lucky draws for prizes offered by Vodacom 4U Walker Drive,  Old Mutual Personal Finance and Sparkle Gifts.

The morning ended on a high note, that being a caffeine high, with a coffee tasting experience hosted by one of our sponsors, Mike from Micoffee who educated the audience with this relatively new concept and how it is fast becoming the new way of mingling and socializing in the Bay.  This enterprising barista has even created a special “Port Elizabeth” blend of coffee. How’s that for being unique!

A huge vote of thanks must of course go to our most generous sponsor of the day, Frikkie Venter and his team from Haval Port Elizabeth, without whom the day would not have been the resounding success that it was.

Thanks also to my EXCO team for their hard work and dedication in putting together the event.

We hope to build on this success and make it a flagship event going forward, as we have seen the need for small businesses to display their goods and services.

All in all the morning was a resounding success, a fun and upbeat Expo, brought to you by the IBhayi Small Business Chamber in association with their sponsors, members, affiliates and guests.

Chairperson – IBhayi Small Business Chamber