From the Desk of the Chairperson | September Newsletter

A cheerful Spring hello to all our Chamber Members

We live and we learn………………………I guess you have heard that expression before………

Well , I would like to share such a story with you …….and yes it has a direct reference to the our Chamber.

Two of our EXCO members, no names mentioned 😊 received an email from the NMB Business Chamber, with a  request for a meeting, to discuss their/our membership/partnership with our Chamber.

Needless to say, we were quite excited and mesmerized by the request, and decided to set up a meeting to listen to their thinking and offer, of possibly partnering with us, before we approached you, our members for feedback.

The day of the meeting arrived, and our convoy of three, were welcomed and escorted to a very delightful meeting room.  Once all the introductions and pleasantries were done, we got down to business, or so we thought…………….EISH!

The kind and professional lady, whom had requested the meeting, then enquired whether we were interested in joining their Chamber.  My EXCO colleague proceeded to tell her that we were familiar with the NMB Chamber and its activities, as his business had previously been a member of their Chamber.

And that my friends, is when things started going SOUTH, yes SOUTH…………………….. I guess the perplexed look upon her face, paved the way for her to ask more direct questions and share her reasoning for requesting the meeting.

Turns out, that her email was directed to me in my personal capacity , as the shared business-owner of Paradigm Solutions Training, and not as the Chairperson of our IBhayi Chamber.  The very same email had been sent to a fellow-exco member, and he responded in the same way as I did, thinking that our Chamber was being requested to partner with their Chamber.  This in fact, had also been a request for his personal small-business to join their Chamber, and not directed at IBHAYI……..

Eish!!!!! We were participating in a meeting, with mismatched objectives/goals.  This meeting had in fact nothing directly to do with our Chamber.  I might add, that both our convoy and the lady in question both realized with egg on our faces, that we had misunderstood her email message completely.  The meeting concluded hastily thereafter.  Our little convoy, left the building somewhat embarrassed.

SO……………………The Moral of the Story Folks………………………COMMUNICATION, that is CLEAR and CONCISE, especially when sending emails, is the key to Business Success.

Do not ASSUME, that you know or understand the other person’s thinking or paradigm. What a valuable lesson for myself, considering the fact that I lecture the subject, Communication, I should have known better,  to ask the relevant questions in an email, prior to agreeing to a meeting.

May you learn from my mistakes folks and until next time, where I think we should continue chatting about the importance of Communication in business.

Chamber Greetings,

Chairperson:  IBhayi Small Business Chamber