Greetings Chamber Members

As the old adage goes……………….”time flies when you having fun”. Our IBhayi Business Chamber is one year old.  From humble beginnings, we have made great strides in the months gone by, I am proud to say.

There have been both highlights and lowlights during our 12 month journey.  Lets have a look at what we have achieved:

Firstly, our MEMBERS, though still relatively small in number – I want to thank you for your participation, attendance, feedback and loyalty during the past year.  Yes, there have been teething problems, as we are trying to find our feet, and charter unknown territories.  Thank you for your patience.

To our SPONSORS, who have been absolutely amazing, Nedbank, Haval, Protea Hotel, Business Partners, FNB, Isango Gate and a few prospects who are still coming on board.  Without you, our Chamber would not succeed.

Our BUSINESS AFFILIATES, who made our one of a kind” MY BIZ DAY” launch, a resounding success, thank you for your participation and willingness to join the network.

A special thank you to one of our members, Radio Kingfisher, for the awesome radio advertising deals offered to our members, not forgetting the media exposure, afforded the Chamber for marketing and advertising purposes. BAIE DANKIE

Our collaboration with the launch of IBASA, adding to the benefit for our members, in terms of the exposure to various entrepreneurial associations, incubators and business start-up organizations.

Our Chamber is harnessing the Social Media Platform with great professionalism and innovation, thanks to fellow EXCO member, Judy Heyns, for managing this portfolio with such focus and dedication.  For those of you who have not browsed our newly updated website, do yourselves a favour and surf our site, see who is who in the zoo and feast your eyes on some interesting articles.

The Business Networking and Speed Networking Events got off to a good start, with some learning curves and lessons learned along the way.  We are currently still tweaking these events and times to better suit the majority of our members.

On the down side, we said farewell to our first Chairman, Herman Nell, due to personal reasons and remain thankful for the hard work and commitment that he displayed whilst in the leadership role.

I think however, I can safely say, that there were more highs than lows.  We are still learning, growing, making mistakes, celebrating successes and moving forward.

Last but not least, to my EXCO, a wild and wonderful and multi- talented team of people.  Your hardwork and devotion to the SMALL BUSINESS CAUSE has not gone unnoticed. THANK YOU.

UNTIL NEXT TIME………………………………

iBhayi Small Business Chamber
Gaynor Bronkhorst