Thoba Sports Consulting

Thoba Sports Consulting is committed to providing expertise in the field of sports management to assist organisations with the creation and implementation of sports programmes for the benefit of communities based in Port Elizabeth, surrounding areas and the Eastern Cape in general.


Grass roots sports development is dependent on;

  • the creation of opportunities for youngsters to participate in oganised sports programmes.
  • Creation of sports development programmes that will stimulate young people.
  • Creation of sports development programmes that are geared towards producing quality sports leaders and administrators.
  • Creating a pool of suitably qualified sports leaders to lead and carry out such programmes.


As is affirmed by our motto, at Thoba Sports Consulting we “Conseptualise. Cultivate. Inspire. Activate!” sports development programmes to benefit our communities, particularly the previously disadvantaged communities. We are committed to providing skills transfer opportunities for young, qualified and enthusiastic sports administrators and sports enthusiasts.