R&W Credit Solutions

Global Footprint and Support

R & W Credit Solutions offers services on both a national and international basis, with a physical presence just about anywhere on the globe. R & W Credit Solutions forms part of the largest total credit risk solution service provider network in the world, with:

• A physical presence in 110 countries and all continents
• 82 international legal entity partners world-wide.
• In excess of 3500 full-time employees all directly linked via an extensive Global Case Management System.
• Affiliation and accreditation with most relevant regulatory authorities and industry associations throughout the world.

Our Objectives

Only through a complete and integrated credit management system can Real Wealth be secured and sustained. It is our philosophy at R & W Credit Solutions that Credit and Risk Management is not a reaction when things go wrong, but an action to minimize risk before it can manifest itself. We employ proactive measures to manage the risk to your assets which may materialize.


Our objectives are to ensure that:

• Your trade partners, associates, employees and client base consist of only reputable and credit worthy individuals and entities.
• You can make informed business decisions based on the information available,
• and, should things go wrong, a management plan is already in place.

Our Services
• Debt Collection
• Know Your Customer Investigations (KYC) / Due Diligence
• Know Your Employee Investigations (KYE)
• Benefit Recovery
• Corporate investigative and security services, inclusive of forensic auditing.