Paradigm Solutions Training

Encouraging the ethos of lifelong learning, by offering world class, value added training, facilitation and consulting services to a diverse Corporate and Business Market, through implementable training solutions which will transform your business profitability exponentially and ensure your business success and longevity while upholding sound business ethics and integrity.


“Changing your people, changing your business.”.


In everything we do, we challenge conventional views of how to manage people in an organization to assist in improving management/employee relations to promote peace and productivity. We do this by using helicopter thinking to view the situation from all angles so that it is seen in full perspective and not selectively.


  • INSPIRE - Motivation, Paradigm Change and Passion
  • INTEGRITY -Honesty, Respect, Transparency and Trust
  • EFFECTIVENESS - Direction, Purpose and Future Growth
  • BALANCE - Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual