Through my expertise gained from my qualifications, long-term experience in the work place, as well as life experience gained from my own personal journey, I help people to improve their lives, whether it be personal or business, by offering services such as individual training, life coaching, part-time administrative services, as well as brain profiling.


NBI (Neethling Brain Instrument) Practitioner

I am a certified NBI practitioner, which allows me to create personalised brain profile for you which will provide insight into how best to approach your life and work according to your personal brain profile, as well as gaining a better understanding of yourself.


Life Coaching

I will work with you to effectively balance your personal and working life, and help you to become the best version of yourself.


Part-time administrative services

I offer a wide range of administrative services on a part time basis, including transcription writing, secretarial work, organising files, and any other administrative tasks you require.


Individual training

Through my working experience, I offer training with regards to a full range of skills necessary for all stages of your business and/or work life, including:

  • Presentation skills, which range from preparing and delivering presentations to an audience to presenting yourself to others.
  • The skills necessary to create and deliver an effective elevator pitch for yourself and/or your business.
  • Both team and relationship building skills.
  • Skills necessary for surviving retrenchment, including how to prepare yourself for it as well as how to plan for a future after retrenchment.