NoC Burglar Bars

Transparent Burglar Bars & Security Doors


We have been trading since November 2008 and manufacture and install custom made transparent burglar bars and security doors. Any type window style or doors (sliding – hinged- stacker doors).


The NoC system comprises transparent Polycarbonate bars mounted into a high-quality aluminium frame with multiple anchoring points, offering superior resistance to forced entry on all types of doors or windows.


With the growing crime rate in RSA, it is our mission to contribute to securing residential and commercial premises with a superior product and service.


We offer professional service you can trust and manufacture the NoC® security system with exceptional attention to accuracy. Each burglar guard or security door is purpose made to our client’s satisfaction.


We are proud of the service we offer, with the motto: “The client should only notice that the bars/doors have been fitted, not that people have been in their home or office to install.”


Our staff are well trained, experienced and most installations are done by or under supervision of management.