MyBiz Day Value Card
  • MY BIZ DAY (once a week)

Starting a small business can be very daunting and can become a lonely path without the proper support and guidance. MyBiz Day aims to encourage a supportive business environment for small business owners/management to grow and support each other.

  • MY BIZ DAY VALUE CARD ( For iBhayi Small Business Chamber only): Every second Thursday of the month. This card will allow our members exclusive special  offers.

     How can you become a Partner?

  • At no cost, you can present an exclusive special offer to MyBiz Day participants on a monthly basis.

     What can you gain as a Partner?

  • Exposure on our website and social media pages whenever we publish articles or stories about our MYBIZ Day.

Become part of a culture that promotes, encourages and inspires the cultivation and support of small businesses. Complete the application here