Our Vision

The SBI is constituted to promote the economic and business interests of its more than one hundred chamber organisation members and thousands of small to medium business enterprises, in the wider economy. The SBI stands for sustainable market led job creation, inclusive economic growth and ethical leadership. Those with small businesses that decide to join the new iBhayi Small Business Chamber will have a number of services and expertise available to them, such as- legal services, tourism advice, training advice and support for women in business, to name a few.

Members will also be able to collaborate and discuss issues that affect small businesses, such as reduction of red tape and minimum wage increases. A committee, consisting of six small business owners in Port Elizabeth, was elected at the July 5th meeting, they are Mr Herman Nell, Mr Pieter Kitshoff, Mr David Stopforth, Mrs Carol Stopforth, Mr Andre Nel and Mrs Gaynor Bronkhorst.

We fight for SME's

Yolande Le Roux

EC Provincial Chairperson for the Small Business Institute (SBI)

“Small businesses in the Eastern Cape need a big voice and this is what a Small Business Chamber can help do, by giving small business owners an opportunity to unite and exchange ideas and advice, not stand alone”

Pieter Kitshoff

Committee Member

“A small Business Chamber in Port Elizabeth is important, when international events happen here, little of that money is staying in the Bay. International investment needs to stay in Port Elizabeth. Networking together means we can support each other and make sure small businesses grow”

Gaynor Bronkhurst

Committee Member

“The new Small Business Chamber will be important for networking and getting rid of red tape in conducting business in the small business sector”.