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We are a Port Elizabeth based firm that strives to add value and credibility to the paralegal industry in South Africa, and to become the pre-eminent service provider to both legal professionals and individuals within the next 5 years.


We simplify the legal process by building on a foundation of transparency and approachability providing both individuals and organisations with the most efficient service in a passionate, affordable and reliable manner.


 How We Can Help You.


We can offer a wide variety of assistance in distressed cases. We can especially be useful for liquidators. We can assist them with the acquiring of support forms from creditors, lodging of documents at the Masters Office, attending and voting at creditors meetings as well as follow ups at the Masters office. 

We also specialize in Business Rescue work. Business Rescue is a process that is geared towards the rehabilitation of a business that is “financially distressed”. The process of Business Rescue provides for the temporary supervision over the business to restructure the affairs of the business in a manner that is beneficial to all stakeholders, but at a minimum, securing a better outcome than that of an immediate and traditional liquidation.


Dealing with claims under a threshold amount of R20 000. Clients may abandon the balance of the amount if it exceeds R20 000. The idea behind the establishment of the small claims court was to create an environment that ensured expediency with regards to smaller matters.

Representation at small claims court is not permitted, thus the reason why attorneys don’t even look at matters arising in the Small Claims Court and therefore opens the market up to paralegals such as ourselves. Our clients will need to represent themselves in small claims court, however, we can assist in preparing documents for all small claims court issues and we can prepare our clients so that they are fully equipped to deal with their matter in the small claims court. 

Consumer Protection Act Matters

We deal very specifically with matters that arise out of the consumer protection act. Many consumers are unaware of their rights as individuals and are being taken advantage of by big business. If you ever feel helpless in your fight against big business and feel as if you have been taken advantage of, please give us a call and we can assist you.

In the same vain, many big companies do not know the consumer’s rights and often end up making honest mistakes where they infringe on a consumer’s rights and end up paying heavy penalties for the same. We at PE-Paralegal are available to consult with big companies to even the smallest second hand dealers to ensure that the way in which your business is conducted, is in line with the consumer protection act. We offer courses in the same to ensure your company stays compliant and protected.

If you have any queries, check out our website at www.pe-paralgeal.co.za or look at our Facebook or LinkedIn page (PE Paralegal on both) or get in touch via email at jaco@pe-paralegal.co.za

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